About Synapses

Established in 2020 pre-covid, we understood its difficult for clients to navigate the tech industry and receive quality results to sustain and build their vision.

Thats why we collectively came together sourced from all over the globe to create Synapses into a "one-stop-shop" for all your IT needs to create convienence never experienced before in the industry.

Service Delivery

Punctuality is imperative in all aspects in life and we understand its no different in business, and we aim to seamlessly intigrate/deploy your project as if it was always there.

Quality Assured

Using Modern techniques, tools, coding language and software we strive to provide quality results that will keep you updated and your projects efficient and feeling modern.

Data Protection

We are highly security driven and understand data is currency, and protecting you and your clients data is of utmost importance to long-term trust between you and your clients.


Timeline of our Journey

January 2020

Concept of Synapses and its ideologies was brought into existence.

May 27th

No longer just concepts and ideologies Synapses Neworking Enterprise was born.

June 15th

Launched to the public and the journey began.

January 2021

Exploration into Web3.0 development, innovations, research and security was prioritzed as the future of the World Wide Web is fast approaching.

March 5th

Artificial Intelligence reaserch and development department was lauched.

June 2022

Synapses Netwokring celebrated its two years aniversary.

August 23rd

Industrial automation department was launched.

January 2023

3 Year anniversary was celebrated and the journey continues.

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